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Download the latest version of configuration/upgrade software and Users Manual below.

CAMremote software/firmware:
Configuration software (CR2/2A/3/3w) Version 3.0.213 07-Dec-2022
Configuration software (CR2/2A/3/3w) Version 3.0.211 18-May-2022
Configuration software (CR2/2A/3/3w) Version 3.0.206 01-Jul-2021
Configuration software (CR2/2A/3/3w) Version 3.0.203 18-Apr-2021
Configuration software (CR2/2A/3/3w) Version 3.0.196 25-Feb-2021
Configuration software (CR2/2A/3/3w) Version 3.0.167 01-Mar-2020
Configuration software (CR2/2A/3/3w) Version 3.0.162 22-Aug-2019
Configuration software (CR2/2A/3/3w) Version 3.0.147 19-Nov-2018
Configuration software (CR2/2A/3/3w) Version 3.0.91 13-Dec-2017

If any issues with newest firmware then please downgrade to older version.

CAMremote Documentation:
CAMremote-2/2A/3 Users Manual (Web)  
CAMremote-1 Users Manual Revision 1.0 23-Mar-2008
Troubleshooter for Canon DSLR cameras  using RC-equipment
Troubleshooter for Canon DSLR cameras  using manual switches

CHDK scripts:

CAMremote Shoot script (simplest) USB/CHDK method 3-Apr-2014
CAMremote Shoot/Zoom/Focus/Av/Tv Script for CHDK build USB/CHDK method 15-Apr-2012
CAMremote Shoot/Zoom/Focus/Av/Tv Script for SDM build USB/CHDK method 12-Jul-2011
CAMremote Shoot/Zoom/Focus/Av/Tv Script  for SDM build USB/CHDK+ method 12-Jul-2011
CAMremote Shoot/Zoom/Focus Script for older CHDK build USB/CHDK method 29-Jun-2010
CAMremote CHDK-SDM Dummy Script for debugging (no functional behavior but shows communication between CAMremote and camera) USB/CHDK method 29-Jan-2011

CHDK-Related Links

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CHDK Remote Control Settings:

CHDK Installation Tool: Simple Tool for Installing CHDK:

CHDK Firmware builds with USB remote control support and script examples:

SDM Firmware builds with USB remote control support and script examples:

07-Dec-2022 Software/Firmware update: Panasonic GH6 support added
18-May-2022 Software/Firmware update: Tilta Nucleus Nano support added; Parrot Sequoia support improved; Olympus Wifi support added
08-Apr-2021 Software/Firmware update: ZCAM LANC support added, SBUS improvements, resistor ladder improvementS
25-Feb-2021 Software/Firmware update: Minor fixes of LANC modes; SBUS through CH3 support on newest year 2021 model of CAMremote-3S
01-Feb-2021 Software/Firmware update: Sony A1, A7S3, A7C USB support
07-Dec-2020 Software/Firmware update: Sony UMC-S3C new model ID added, SenseFly SODA support added
03-Mar-2020 Software/Firmware update: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K USB/PTP support; Parrot Sequoia stability improved (warmup/startup time 26 sec)
22-Aug-2019 Software/Firmware update:: Added Nikon Z6/Z7, Panasonic S1, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K Bluetooth support
19-Nov-2018 Software/Firmware update: Fix of CAMremote-3A and external Wifi module cooperation
10-Sep-2018 Software/Firmware update: Panasonic GH5/5s support
13-Dec-2017 Software/Firmware update: Bugfix for CAMremote-2A if Sony MULTI cable didn't work correctly with latest firmwares.
06-Oct-2017 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A/3/3w: Blue button issue solved in PANA-ZOOM mode. Sony zoom activity issue fixed.
25-Jul-2017 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A/3/3w: Support of new MULTI cables for CAMremote-3
02-Jan-2017 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A/3/3w: GUI issue fixed in 'SBUS Control mode', field F6
14-Dec-2016 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A/3/3w: Parrot Sequoia USB communication improved; 'Duration' value is now used to define automatic stop time of Movie Recording
30-Oct-2016 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A/3/3w: SBUS/Monitor Channels glitch fix; Sony Wifi communication updated; 'On' option for 'Tv' list added
13-Oct-2016 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A/3/3w: Canon 5Dmk3 and Magic Lantern firmware cooperation added - limitation checks for aperture, shutter speed and ISO and movie recording trigger simplified; CR can now be powered through USB together with Parrot Sequoia camera; profile change issue fixed; CH3 detection on CR3 fixed
25-Aug-2016 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A/3/3w: CAMremote-3/3w firmware released, S.BUS signal offset fixed
01-Jul-2016 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: S.BUS channel numbering offset fixed, S.BUS/Channels Monitor added to configuration software, button 'Monitor Channels'. No need to choose Tester Control mode anymore. Panasonic cameras now supporting Av, Tv, ISO, Zoom and Manual focus drive control through Wifi. Parrot Sequoia camera USB/PTP support added
23-Apr-2016 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Jerky zoom issue on Sony cameras in Wifi mode is now fixed
22-Apr-2016 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Replaces versions 2.7.200-2.7.204 which contained issues in USB/PTP and MULTI-PTP methods (Sony/Canon cameras). Radio binding in Parachute mode is improved that servo motor indicates successful binding without releasing the parachute
18-Mar-2016 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Some Sony new models have USB bug so that MULTI-USB mode is not going active at first try - workaround is added (multiple attempts of establish communication).  Parachute launching mode requires now binding of transmitter and receiver at startup
30-Dec-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Bugfix of Sony cameras shutdown issue using MULTI-PTP mode and MULTI-USB cable
29-Dec-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Bugfix of double-change aperture on Sony cameras
14-Dec-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Combined Control Mode to use 12-button radio, RC-hobbyradio and Arducopter/Pixhawk/Multikopter hardware for camera control
08-Dec-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Wifi update (Sony cameras), added Wifi examples to User Manual
07-Dec-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Wifi update, new radio support added
01-Dec-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Wifi module support added
28-Oct-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Added feature which prevents false triggering if any input Channel is not connected
11-Oct-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A (beta): Added Autopilot and Manual control for Arducopter/Pixhawk
23-Sep-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A (beta): S.BUS support update
07-Sep-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A (beta): Panasonic GH4 movie recording crash during attempt of parameters change is now fixed
11-Aug-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A (beta): Improvements for zoom control on Panasonic GH4. 
05-Jul-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A (beta): Improved cooperation between Remote Port and USB on Panasonic GH4. Zoom fix.
29-Jun-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A (beta): Ricoh GR camera support, Av/Tv/ISO control support through USB for Panasonic GH4; 8 new UART commands for zoom control; improved cooperation of Sony's MULTI+USB interface control; Futaba's SBUS compatible cable added to product list; button 8+5 on 8-button radio is now controlling ISO parameter
08-May-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Fix of Movie Record command in Sony's MULTI method
02-May-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Improved cooperation of Sony's MULTI and USB/PTP interfaces: wakeup, zoom, aperture, shutter speed, ISO control.  Improvement of Panasonic GH4 Remote Port interface control (no need to change camera mode, shutter control and movie recording are now both controllable in same camera mode).
03-Feb-2015 CHDK links updated
21-Jan-2015 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Timing bug fix of servo "finger" method. Now 'Tv' value is used to define how long time shutter button will be hold down.
03-Dec-2014 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Aperture and Shutter Speed control for Sony LANC cameras (Sony FS700 for example) added. Zoom smoothness improved. Power off control added for Canon LANC cameras.
02-Dec-2014 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Fix of radio communication bug which introduced to version 16-Sep-2014.
19-Nov-2014 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Bug fix for zoom control on Sony Multiterminal interface. Workaround for missing indication of Movie recording in composite video signal: grid lines goes on during Movie recording so user can see that through video downlink when Movie recording is triggered.
07-Nov-2014 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Zoom support for Panasonic GH4. Requires special cable with 2.5mm plug. Sony Multiterminal interface and LANC interface update to support composite video output (MULTI-LANC A/V cable). Choose 'Cable/Method: MULTI+AV' or 'LANC+AV' depends of camera
19-Sep-2014 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Channel0/2 issue is now fixed which was introduced in 16-Sep-2014 version. Startup is faster - profile selection time (blinking LEDs after power up showing selected profile) is now selectable by 'Action startup delay' value (if 'None' then no profile selection blinking at startup)
16-Sep-2014 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Improved control using Sony's Multiterminal interface and BMCC LANC interface
05-Jul-2014 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Sony Multiterminal interface update: automatic zoom cancellation, wake up/standby functionality improvement.
04-Jul-2014 User Manual update: Added descriptions of new Control Modes. Examples of different configurations (BlackMagic cameras, Sony Multiterminal, GoPro)
22-Apr-2014 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Sony Multiterminal interface update: mix of shutter release and camera on/off feature is now solved
11-Mar-2014 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Sony Multiterminal interface support added (focusing, shutter release, movie recording, zoom). Sony USB/PTP remote control support added (cameras ILCE-7/7R/5000, SLT-A58/A99/A99V, DLR-A700/A850/A900).  Bug in Manual focus drive on Blackmagic cameras fixed.
09-Dec-2013 Web version of User Manual released
04-Dec-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: New Control Mode especially for BlackMagic cameras: Control shutter release, movie recording, Auto/Manual focus, Auto/Manual Iris. Choose in software: 'Control mode: RC receiver (CH0=Record/AF/Shoot, CH1=MF, CH2=Av/AutoAv)'
11-Nov-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: GoPro Hero2 and Hero3 support added
29-Sep-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: New Control Mode to control Focusing, Shutter release, Movie recording, aperture, shutter speed and ISO through channels 0..3 using any RC radio. Choose in software: 'Control mode:RC receiver (CH0=Focus/Shoot/Record, CH1=Av, CH2=Tv, CH3=ISO)'
16-Sep-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: BlackMagic cameras support added using LANC interface: shutter release, movie recording, focusing, iris control
13-Aug-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Infrared control improved for Canon DSLRs
31-Jul-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: LANC control issue which introduced to ver.2.7.47-2.7.50 are now solved
17-Jul-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Critical bugfix which solve any non-USB control mode lockup.
29-Apr-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Sony LANC interface improvement. If any issues with movie recording then please configure Camera: Sony Camcorder (RMT-814)
03-Apr-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Intervalometer minimum timing improvement for faster shooting. Note version 2.7.37 have to be updated to newer or older firmware because of instability issue
21-Mar-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Version 2.7.35 have to be updated to newer or older firmware because of startup issue with Canon DSLRs
11-Mar-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Nikon DSLRs PTP support added (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, shutter release, movie recording - tested on Nikon D800. Configure 'Camera: Nikon DSLR'). Smooth zoom improvement for LANC cameras. ISO control fix for Canon G7/G9/G10.  LANC NTSC support done
28-Jan-2013 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: LANC interface improvement for Sony PAL-system models. NTSC support is coming soon.
10-Dec-2012 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: CH1 ISO misalignment in mode 'Manual: RC receiver (CH0=Execute, CH1=Function)' fixed
22-Oct-2012 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: 'Finger' servo issue solved
10-Oct-2012 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: LANC support with variable zoom support added; PTP communication update (beta)
14-Apr-2012 Updated CHDK Script: Tv/Av added
13-Apr-2012 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Improved shutter release compatibility with Nikon DSLRs and Nikon Coolpixes in USB/PTP mode
29-Jan-2012 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: HDR mode added; number of shoots at shutter trigger now programmable; updated UART command set; Shutter hold time is now programmable by 'Tv' field in Remote Port control mode; GoPro Hero Remote Control option added
03-Oct-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Shutter release bug of Sony NEX-5 solved
29-Sep-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Shutter release issue with Remote Port cables solved (Nikon, Sony, Pentax); startup issue in mode 'Manual: RC-Receiver (CH0=Shoot, CH1=Zoom, CH2=Alt)' solved
10-Aug-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Issue with 'BUSY' text on Canon 550D solved
05-Aug-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Program selection in configuration software is fixed
25-Jul-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Issue with 'BUSY' text on Canon DSLRs solved; faster USB communication speed. If any issues with version 2.6.77 then please downgrade to 2.6.76 or lower
18-Jul-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: 12-button transmitter support added; liveview mode handling improved on Canon DSLRs
29-May-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Handling of long shutter speeds (seconds) improved for Canon DSLRs
24-May-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Default liveview mode on/off (Canon DSLRs) is now configurable using configuration sofrware. Shutter speed value 1/8000 added to selection
18-May-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Tv/Av settings bug fixed
05-May-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Sony NEX-5 VIDEO RECORDING support added, 4/8-button radio detection improved (experimental, please downgrade if any issues)
21-Mar-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Direction change issue with normal pan servo fixed
16-Mar-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Canon DSLRs: Manual focus control is now disabled in non-liveview mode to avoid focus skipping in liveview mode
01-Mar-2011 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Startup issue solved, Zoom servo (belt system) control improvement, servo-zoom "finger" option added for USB/CA1 mode
27-Nov-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Sony NEX-5 IR support added, Profiles save/load to file added to configuration software
10-Nov-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: 2 step Av/Tv issue using 8-button radio now fixed.
04-Nov-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: HoVer mode update - start/stop of RC control  issue fixed
18-Oct-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: HoVer mode update - Total Steps bug fixed, digital zoom (magnify) control for Canon DSLR's added. Manual Focus timing updated.
01-Sep-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Apply Time parameters for pan/tilt servos are extended to milliseconds. New aperture and shutter speed values added to Canon DSLRs. Canon Powershot startup issue solved which was introduced in previous version. A/V terminal stays now active after first shot (older Canon Powershots, PTP mode).
20-Aug-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Zoom speed improved using Canon Camcorders in IR mode, record control of the camcorders in IR mode can now started/stopped at 0% position using general RC transmitter on CH0, bug in CH2 RC detection solved (Av/Tv control); video terminal on/off bug of older Canon Powershots (PTP mode) solved.
12-Aug-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Normal and 360° panning servo support added to configuration software. Note: Users Manual doesn't represent latest changes yet.
29-Jun-2010 CHDK Shoot/Zoom/Focus script updated
13-Jun-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: ISO/Image parameters setup through configuration  software  added for Canon DSLRs, 4-button radio improvement
08-Jun-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Canon DSLRs stability improvement of video recording, improved servo control using 4/8-button radio(no double step anymore at one button click).
30-May-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Infrared support for Panasonic HDC-SD300 added, PC connection detection added when battery is connected to CR. CHDK-SDM script added for download
27-May-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Canon 500D/550D shoot and movie modes improvement, automatic liveview turn on in shoot mode. Control of Remote Port improved.
15-May-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A: Improved reception of 4/8-button transmitter/receiver, switching issue between Automatic/Manual profiles solved
17-Mar-2010 User Manual update, Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A (beta): Manual Switch control mode added, Canon 5D mark II/7D video recording improved
05-Feb-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A (beta): Canon 5D mark II/7D video recording function added, new control method for Remote Port added, continuous servo driving mode added for automatic modes 
14-Jan-2010 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2/2A (beta): Additional channel support for servo finger added; Roll servo control added, Canon 400D control bug fixed
17-Dec-2009 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2 (beta): USB remote control support for Canon DSLRs (shutter release, shutter speed, aperture, manual focus)
25-Sep-2009 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2 (beta): Some texts are changed in Configuration software
16-Aug-2009 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2 (beta): Olympus and Sanyo Xacti IR support added; new automatic pan/tilt mode added; pause feature added to automatic pan/tilt modes
23-Jun-2009 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2 (beta): Zoom of Canon Camcorder added to IR control mode; camera's list updated; CHDK script updated
22-May-2009 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2 (beta): Max 5 tilt position support, incremental mode for pan servo, voltage cutoff control, adjustable default profile, switchableunits of servo parameters: milliseconds or degrees, programmable action startup delay for every profile. Possibility to test servo parameters on real servos during configuration. Note, changes are not represented in the User Manual yet
09-Apr-2009 Software/Firmware for CAMremote-2
18-Mar-2009 Release of CAMremote-2 documentation
08-Feb-2009 Software/Firmware and CHDK script update: CHDK false triggering bug fixed
28-Jan-2009 Software/Firmware update: Canon G10 support improved, Nikon dSLR startup bug fixed, Canon dSLR IR bug fixed, durations of CHDK command pulse generation changed, CHDK script released, Users Manual updated.
24-Sep-2008 Software/Firmware update: USB remote triggering support added for Nikon dSLR's/P&S and Ricoh GX100/200 cameras; Infrared support (record/capture/zoom) added for Panasonic camcorders. Canon dSLR USB support (beta) added.  Pan Servo pulse duration option extended to 2500 us.  Delay between shooting option extended to 2.5 sec.
24-May-2008 Software/Firmware update: Bugfix of Servo 'finger' control 
23-May-2008 Software/Firmware update: Option to start intervalometer function externally using standard R/C receiver/transmitter
09-May-2008 Software/Firmware update: Infrared camera/camcorder support added  for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Konica, Minolta. Report of the profile settings improved
25-Apr-2008 Windows Vista support added. Shoot pulse detection decreased to 1600 us
13-Apr-2008 Software/Firmware update: Infrared support for Sony camcorders added
23-Mar-2008 First release

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